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  PC1600 controller surface At a Glance
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Ted Stahl writes:
For those of you that have wanted to take advantage of the hidden potential of a particular keyboard or rack mount unit that has added programmibility via SysEx or MIDI Continuous Controllers, I have THE piece of gear for YOU! The Peavey PC-1600 has got to be the most versitile and valuable controller that I have ever seen/used/owned. Picture 16 60mm sliders and 16 corresponding buttons that you can assign to practically any MIDI event you can imagine!

You may have noted my numbers regarding "Patches" and "Performances". Let me take a second to clarify. The PC-1600 comes with 50 preset controls ranging from editors for the likes of the EMU Proteus line through real time MIDI mixer setups. For the former, Peavey offers multiple patches to cover the varied aspects of programming many different synths. The first patch on the machine is a perfect example of the latter. It uses all 16 sliders as MIDI Volume 1-16 and each of the buttons below the sliders function as a MIDI Mute for the corresponding channel. Other mixer setups include 8 sliders programmed for MIDI Volume and the other 8 programmed for MIDI Pan.

Continuous Controllers are just the easy part. You can set the faders to control any System Exclusive variables to which your synth/sampler will respond. I've seen this unit control my D-50 just like my PG-1000! Granted, the PG-1000 has almost 4-times the sliders, but for the realtime control, I usually only use about 10 or twelve.

This brings up another wonderful point about this controller. It bridges the studio and stage. It's perfect for sequencing realtime synth programming with instruments that respond to those controller messages. Heck--I use it to sequence realtime filter sweeps on my Sound Canvas so every time I play a given sequence back, that nice "Warm Pad" has the same slow whooosh that I created to fit that particular bridge to a "T"!

At the same time, it's sturdy as all get out. The case is made out of sheet metal and the faders are nice and solid. I've enjoyed soloing with a wicked lead sound on my K2000RS (Rack Unit) and in the middle of a solo, modified the resonance, tweaked the portimento time a little and played with the panning and volume all from this little box. Now THAT'S PLAYING!

If this weren't enough, you can program this beauty to do what you want for your given instrument. The interface is a DREAM! I was up- and-running on the unit in an afternoon and I created a patch that would allow me to control numerous aspects of my K2000RS--All in REALTIME! That's the beauty of this box!

Furthermore, follow the link to Peavey's homepage. They've got more presets on their site!

The fact is that playing an instrument means more than note-on, note- off, velocity, aftertouch, pitch and modulation control. For those of you who long to get the knob twiddlin' feel of the old days while utilizing some of the newer technology, this is a GREAT way to do it! Think of it as a minor investment that can help many of your instruments. Sure, you can buy newer units that have controllers on board like the Korg Prophecy or the Clavia Nord Lead (both great boards, mind you) but such purchases only enable you this control over the unit itself. The PC-1600 gives you the power to interface with all the instruments that you already own that speak the right MIDI language!

The Peavey PC-1600 allows you to play your instruments, not just their patches!

Comments About the Sounds:

(Thanks to Ted Stahl for this info.)
and for the pic

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