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Teenwoolph ( writes:
These like all PAIA products were "build your own synth" kits sold in the 70's. I did not build this and have purchased it in fairly busted condition so it might not work as well as it should. But I'm sure it would be fun it it was in better condition. 3 as it is, 4 if it were in better condition.

Comments About the Sounds:
To be quite honest I don't think I've ever had it working properly. It's currently in pieces waiting for a new coat of paint (i'm changing it from black to white) and some new bits.When it was all together it was very noisy, the filters were weak and whoever put it togerther put some of the switches in the wrong way (hence the re-paint). Not to mention the stiff keys, but it's a monophonic synth so it's not so much of a problem. That said, it's a fun little machine for bass and strange noises. Sounds great with some distortion and could be an excelent gateway to analog synths.

(Thanks to Teenwoolph for this info.)

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