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  Organtua At a Glance
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Fred Rayworth ( writes:
Another kit I thoroughly enjoyed building in the early eighties. Construction was a whiz, the instructions simple and clear.

The unit was basically an organ using top octave technology. I remember some kind of keyboard split but with only 37 notes to work with, it did not leave much wiggle room!

The unit was great for simple organ sounds and John Simonton seemed to design it as a starting point for using it with external modules. There were trigger and gate outputs for interfacing with modular synths and effects.

I did not use it with a lot of effects. The straight organ sound was kind of cheesy but no more so than what some of the 60's garage bands sounded like! I liked the vibrato which could be adjusted from mild to wild sweeps. I interface it with my PAIA modular a couple of times but it was a hassle because I needed the modules more for the synth and not the organ (not enough to go around).

Like most PAIA keyboards, this one was 37 notes and there was not a lot of room to play around except with one hand. Sometimes I would play my Organtua and Strings and Things together and that was fine for me.

Overall, it was a great kit to put together and with a little imagination, you could coax some pretty cool sounds out of it.

My thanks to John Simonton and PAIA!

Comments About the Sounds:
Basic organ sound with a few effects.

(Thanks to Fred Rayworth for this info.)

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