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Obis Cygma ( writes:
These aren't sound sources, but I figured the information would be valued, nonetheless. The EPFM (Electronic Projects for Musicians) kits were designed by Craig Anderton as cost-effective musical accessories, but but the sound quality and flexibility of these devices has ascended them into "Secret Weapon" status among many electronic musicians. There are 27 different kits, and the prices average about $30 each. Some of the kits: a nice compressor/limiter, a couple different distortion units, a ring modulator, an 8-In 1-Out mini-mixer, a noise gate, an envelope follower, and others. Some of the more remarkable ones, though, would be the "Super Tone Control", the "Dual Filter Voicing Unit", and the "Phase Shifter"... The Super Tone Control is actually a triple-pass resonant filter (hi/band/lo) with individual level adjustments for the hi, band, and low... The Dual Filter Voicing Unit is a resonant hi/low-pass filter with an overdrive option. The Phase shifter is just that! . A phase shifter, with MANY nice control features. Take it off LFO and shift it manually, etc... Even if you've never soldered before, with Craig Anderton's helpful instruction book (which details ALL of the kits), you'll have assembled the kits in no-time. And talk about AFFORDABLE. Each kit goes for around $30 (phase shifter is the most expensice - $69us)... You can build them into a table-top box case, or you can build them into the Paia "FracRak" case, a 3U rack rig which can accomodate 6 or more kits. Custom build your own processing rack! It's modular, it's custom, it's built by YOU, and best of all - it's CHEAP! Don't let the price fool you, these units sound GREAT.

Check out the Paia website at and explore this affordable and exciting option in sound processing.

Comments About the Sounds:
Very clean, and very versatile. Build your own custom rack of processing modules!

(Thanks to Obis Cygma for this info.)

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