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  980 At a Glance
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Pierre Pétrin writes:
The Concertmate 980 by Optimus is a great synth to begin learning how to play a synth, it feature the usual 100 voices/100 rhythms + drum fill ins. The headphone output delivers enough strengh to easily create cool synthetizer sounds by using a old amplifier or a distortions pedal. The synth pads are amazing, the synth strings is very unique, making this home keyboard one of my favorite among my other Yamaha keyboards... The sounds are usually clear when using an external amplifier ecept for the piano notes who sounds very "lo-fi". Overall a good keyboard if you can ind it at 50$.

Comments About the Sounds:
The sounds are great, the strings, synth pads are simply amazing for that type of keyboard.

(Thanks to Pierre Pétrin for this info.)
and Jack Radaghast for the pic

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