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John-P. Bedinger writes:
Possibly the best MIDIed Analog Synthesizer ever made(if you get one that works!) Rich, warm, swirlling textures are created with 32 knobs, 47 buttons, and many many MIDI controllable cross modulations(pan, pulse width, osc sync, even "analog" FM which seems to add a fuzziness to the sound) Bright, M1 size green display, with a simple user interface. 3 LFO's(triangle, forward and reverse sawtooth, and random, with a sample and hold feature for generating "computeresque" LFO sounds or a square LFO) Up to 6 oscillators(Triangle, Sawtooth, Pulse Width) per voice WITHOUT using up polyphony! Its attack is normally a little sluggish compared to digital synths, but if you "need" super fast attacks for arpeggios, bass lines, etc, you can do so by setting the voice stealing option to "repeat". It has a 12 db cutoff classic Oberheim Filter(with adjustable resonance, hipass, lowpass, and bandpass), plus a "Mini-Moog" style 24 Db resonant low-pass filter. These two filters are comb! ined in parallel.The mix-outs have a bit of "fuzzy" distortion to them, which i wasn't able to rectify even after getting a replacement unit(it took almost a year to iron out all the problems with Oberheim corp.) If this bugs you, you'll want to buy a 12 channel outboard mixer that can handle +4db signals, and just use the 12 individual voice outs. Overall though this problem isn't too noticable(only at low levels), and the pan-modulation you get by using the mix-outs can come in most handy. Construction is fair, but i've had to send mine in over 5 times(Oberhiem claims that i'm an exceptional case, and i sure hope so) However, once you get a "good" one I was told by Oberheim that they work for a long, long time. S/N ratio is EXCELLENT(better than some "super-clean" digital synths), around 88-92 db for most patches. IF YOU ARE IN TO DESIGNING YOUR OWN SOUNDS FOR GOD'S SAKE PICK ONE UP. You will never, ever find a more powerful, flexible, or creative analog synthesizer in production. Als! o, be sure to get at least 8 voices if you can afford it. Theses units are quite pricey fully equipped($3000-$5000) in some stores, but if you find a good deal on one you will be in heaven. ;)

Comments About the Sounds:
Superb bass, brass, and pads. Excellent bell, analog strings, and apreggiation sounds Decent real trumpet, and B3 sounds. Poor harpsichord and piano imitations, but then that's not the point of this synth.(Hey man go get a sampler)

(Thanks to John-P. Bedinger for this info.)

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