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Duane O'Donnell writes:
This is not a machine to use entirely for the drum production. But it's a creative tool that can provide many an idea when programming the drum parts, and the interactive modes makes for hours of fun jamming with the unit. It is fantastic when used as playing live. As you've already guessed, this isn't a substitute for a real drummer (although a friend of mine who is a drummer reeeferred to it as 'uncanny'), but there's some really powerful algorithms lurking in the depth of its twisted operating system. Most of the patterns have "envelopes" that introduce variations in the beat to avoid loop stiffness, and you won't catch it playing the same fill two times in a row. The fills and extras are generated, not pre-progammed which adds to the realism as well. Also the programmable drum kits (via MIDI numbers) is a good idea, albeit a little restricted to only 16 sounds.

Comments About the Sounds:
There are no internal sounds. It plays the drum samples in your keyboard, module, or other drum machine

(Thanks to Duane O'Donnell for this info.)
and Guy for the pic

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