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Ab Wilson writes:
The first proper poly synth. Also the first synthesiser to use a digitally scanned keyboard. Each voice is an Oberhiem SEM (Synthesiser Expansion Module) and can be used as an independent mono synth. Because each voice has it's own independent controls you can get really fat string and pad sounds by setting up slight variation in each. The SEMs also have sockets on the back which can be brought out to a patch by. Hence with a little extra work you can have a four voice poly modular. A damn fine synthesiser with a lot of character.

Comments About the Sounds:
Each voice is an independent Oberhiem SEM with the following archetecture: two VCOs with synch and PWM feed into the classic Oberhiem resonant multimode filter and thence to a VCA. The filter's response is continously sweepable from low pass, to band pass, to high pass with an additional notch setting. Two ADR envelopes and an LFO serve as modulation sources. Because the voices are SEM there is great scope for patching via sockets on the back of the modules.

(Thanks to Ab Wilson for this info.)
and Sez You for the pic

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