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Analogue Crazy writes:
The 2-Voice was released by Oberheim in 1975 and was the first true self contained polysynth. Even though there are just 2 voices, each voice is actually a seperate synth and has independent controlls. This has its ups and downs. You can have different sounds on each voice but its rather difficult to get each boice to sound the same. The filter on these things are wicked, they have 3 modes plus 'notch'. And eachvoice has seperate controls for EVERYTHING so the sound possabillities are endless. Overall, a very special little synth with bags of character.

Comments About the Sounds:
Very unique sound, warm, thick and harsh at times. Sounds very different to the latter OB series, the filter is distinctivly different and more flexible.

(Thanks to Analogue Crazy for this info.)

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