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  Supernova II At a Glance
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Kris Amundson ( writes:
I don't like weighted keyboards, so that is why I gave it a low keyboard score. It feels like a Kawai K5000S. Too spongy.

The buttons are kind of klunky and cheezy feeling. The rack version has better buttons, and they make a click sound (from internal speaker) when you press them. The keyboard doesn't make the click sound. Personaly, I like the click. :)

The sounds on this thing rock. You can do 8 voice unison. You can route oscillator modulation to anything (evelopes, and both LFO's all at the same time). Same thing with the filter (LFO & envelope routing as well as wheel).

Seven effects per channel. Program's sound the same as the do in Performance because you get the effects on every channel!!

Very easy to use & friendly. The keyboard has more knobs than the rack so that is a plus. The keyboard also has sliders for the envelopes (the rack has knobs). The keyboard construction feels kind of cheap (I'm comparing to a Yamaha CS6X). The rack seems a little better on construction.

My keyboard unit was damaged in shipping so I sent it back. I then decided to get a Supernova II Pro. A little more polyphony and I saved $200. :)

I like the keyboard feel of my CS6x, so I'm going to use that to control the SNII. If you have a keyboard you like the feel of already, get the rack. You save $$ and you get that cool button click . If you want an all in one package (keyboard & synth) this is your board!! The keyboard feel is just a personal thing. :)

Comments About the Sounds:
The sounds rock. With OS 1.5, you get a new waveform (doublesaw). Double your saw wave without losing polyphony! This board does great pads, has awesome routing engine (for modulation to lfo, etc...). Great Bass. Very good strings. Does a good job at emulating 808/909 drum machines. Has some FM capabilities as well.

(Thanks to Kris Amundson for this info.)
and stav for the pic

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