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  Super-Bass Station At a Glance
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Dominik Seibold and Johannes Felscher ( writes:
When I first saw the synth, i thought, oh that¥s not more than the old bassstation. But if you try this synth, you wont be able to stop ! It¥s Just the best !

Nick from sonic writes: Well, I just got one after having heard so much good stuff about it. I was not as impressed as I thought I would be, but if you need programmabillity and good midi implementation then perhaps this is the one for you.

I find the real (analog) thing a little more rewarding myself. The limited (2 digit) display a bit of a pain in the proverbial. There is also an annoying little whistly click at the front of a fast envelope which I can only get around by adding a little attack to the VCA. Maybe it's just mine.... One of the things that is great is the abillity to sync the Arpeggiators and LFOs to incoming midi clock with various divisions.

The distortion and portamento modes make for a pretty good 303 emulation, which I guess is what I got it for ultimately.

Comments About the Sounds:
It¥s the best REAL analog synth available at the moment. Well, what can I say.....It¥s monophonic, and it¥s genious !

(Thanks to Dominik Seibold and Johannes Felscher for this info.)
and Jo for the pic

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