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P.H. Berry writes:
Some purists and the rest who don't know, or don't believe, will be throwing money out the window if they ever buy a real 808 or 909 again. With this machine you get both for less than the price of one. And with the MIDI/SYNC converter, you can SYNC a real TR606 to it and have ALL the x0x drum sounds. You could also sync a TB303 (if you can afford one) or a MC202 (much better deal and can sound just like a 303).

Jamie :

I've only had this machine for a couple of weeks now as I sold my old drum machine to buy it. The biggest difference is that this sounds like a proper 808/909. It is infinitely more tweakable (all controls are assigned to a midi controller!). The distortion is also very good. The multiple outputs are handy for external processing. If you like fat sounds and 'on the fly' editing then this is excellent. The sounds are a mixture of analogue models and samples. One problem is that if you use too many of the modelled sounds the polyphony can drop to 5 or 6 notes, but I haven't really noticed that yet. The bottom line is if you want the fattest and cheapest 808/909 alternative to the real thing then buy this module. In the UK shop around because I managed to get it cheaper than the rrp.

Magnus EmilssonThe sound is like a 808 / 909 but a bit more hi-fi since it doesn't create the same amount of noise ( My 909 did create quite a bit of it. ). Editing is wonderful to perform since almost all parameters have their own knob, and thoose who doesn't have a dedicated button and the in / dec type o thing. It has a few interresting extras the 808 / 909 misses like Frontcut - Does the same thing as cutting off the begining of sample in a sampler. MidiNoteOff - MidiNnote off recognize. Distorsion - A real nice addenum wich saves an outboard option. There's a few problem though, the voices are limited to eight wich make the unit run out of voices ( but a bit of sampling can fix that ) and scream like crazy. If you use front cut on i.e bd,clap,ohh,chh,snare you will probably experience bad timing and note clipping.

!!! The unit was first released with a too small powersupply and the ones having one rating under 500mA should get a new one imedietly.

Comments About the Sounds:
TRUE TR808 and TR909 emulation. This is the same thing internally as the 808/909. No samples, kids. This is the REAL thing. Fat Analog Heaven. For about $600-$700 US you can get an 808 and 909 with full MIDI implementation as well as a MIDI/SYNC converter--thats approximately $1000 less than buying the originals without MIDI. (If you bought a real 808 & 909, MIDIed them, and bought a SYNC converter, the minimum price would be $2100, I call that a deal.)

(Thanks to P.H. Berry for this info.)

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listen to the drumstation in action check my tracks
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SysExpEDITeOR is a Windows-based SysEx Editor that allows an Novation DrumStation user to configure the DrumStation and store/recall its configurations from PC disk.

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