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  Synclavier II At a Glance
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Rodney Gipson writes:
Although the System I have is somewhat limited without the MIDI and Velocity Keyboard options, it's still the fastest thing in my studio in terms of programming new sounds. I was able to start using the Synclav after having only one day. Programming new sounds is so fast. I programmed more sounds in one day than I have on all my other synths over the past year. And that's without any kind of computer patch editing software. I wish manufactuers would adobt this feature.

You can do all most everything from the button panel. Another thing you'll probably never see on any other synth/workstation is a front panel control for modifying the octave ratio (for various keyboard tunings).

If at all possible, find one of these units and check it out for yourself.


Comments About the Sounds:
Keep in mind that the above ratings are for an older Synclavier II without the stereo outs and poly sampling options. The overall sound quality is at least as good as a EMU Proteus 1 for comparison.

(Thanks to Rodney Gipson for this info.)
and Georg Salcher for the pic

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