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  Drum System II At a Glance
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Damir-Kristijan Rogina writes:
I heard that one of the owners was Dave Stewart. Ultra rare stuff.My is no014. Nobody ever heard about it but my is working with Paia midi to triger controler an it wotks fine. It looks like a computer from begining of '80 nice orange thing with big green monitor.I have 18 modules each with digital and analog sound.On a digital sound you can program a pitch and decay, on analog you can program sounds same as on 808 and you got a switch to choose analog ,digital or bouth sounds.GOOOD GOOOOD Beast.

Comments About the Sounds:
fantastic Analog Kick and snare but most of sounds never heard a lot.

(Thanks to Damir-Kristijan Rogina for this info.)
and david.crabb for the pic

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