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  Concertmate MG-1 At a Glance
Click for larger view arrowReleased: 1979  Specifications
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David Johnson ( ) writes:
Look kids, the perfect first Moog for the budding synthesist. These have been known to turn up in American pawnshops for $20. It looks like a toy, but it does indeed have the marvelous Moog 24 db filter. Leads are hard to come by with the limited controls. On an odd note, several actually, there is a polyphony slider that allows you to play multiple notes in a voice that sounds like a very cheesy organ. Don't get the wrong impression. This synth isn't necessarily a toy. The basses sound legit...and there are S-trig & CV inputs on the back. Grab one before someone else realizes how good it is. Moog bass on the cheap!!!

Comments About the Sounds:
Bass, it's very woody...not at all tinny (if you remember the Python skit)

(Thanks to David Johnson for this info.)

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