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Brian Thurmond writes:
The Polymoog is a huge synth (approx. 75lbs.) that excells at mid and high strings sounds. Many famous artists such as Yes and Prince have used them, but they are heard the most on Gary Numan's early albums.

The Polymoog features a 71 not, velocity sensitive keyboard with full polyphony. Each voice consists of one oscillator with pulse and sawtooth waveforms. It has a limited LFO which modulates the oscillator and pulse width. It features low, mid, and high resonators and a separated 24dB filter. The filter has a separate ADS envelope and sample and hold for some cool effects.

Overall the Polymoog is only really good at on thing, strings. Being such a large and heavy instrument, I would reccomend it to those who want to sound like Gary Numan or have a thing for playing Moogs. It might be about 25 years old, but its pure analog strings still leave most new VA's strings in the dust. An interesting classic.

Comments About the Sounds:
Excellent Mid and High strings. Just listen to Gary Numan's The Pleasure Principle album, it has Polymoog strings all over it.

(Thanks to Brian Thurmond for this info.)
and Jamie B for the pic

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