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J.S.Rockit!! writes:
This thing rules me!

Comments About the Sounds:
this is a great toy drum machine...with fat ass bass...a tunable tom....a hard, stiff closed hi-hat....the snare is snappy too...all good sounds...if you don't want to use the machine, which is fully programmable and loopable...though it is limited...but you can always sample the sounds...

(Thanks to J.S.Rockit!! for this info.)
and Gary Childs for the pic

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Danilo e Domenico Citriniti OFFICIAL WEBSITE! The website (hydra) represents for us all of the ideas and experience which have matured over the years and had brought life to every single song...
the visitors q we use the synsonics drum pads
Djembe african drums Djembe african drums. Handmade ethnic percussion. Large size Djembe, Kpanlogo, Bougarabou super sale. Free shipping. Direct producers.

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