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Dirge writes:
This keyboard is basically a K2000 loaded with the latest software, rom upgrades, and PRAM upgrade. Mine does not have the sampling option but there is one available; out of the factory keyboards with this option are known as the K2SVX. Basically this keyboard is based on a synth engine appropriately labelled VAST - variable architecture synthesis. The programming is fairly complex, but one can create the coolest sounds. It is a digital synth, but because it layers so many sounds and oscillators it sounds nearly as fat as an analog synth. It can emulate all kinds of synthesis, and comes equippment with hundreds of waveforms from which to build sounds - 24 megabytes of ROM to be precise. This, coupled with the fact that one can sample and use the synth engine with these samples, make it an invaluable synth. This thing can read DOS formatted disks and WAV files! Even without the sampling option, full sample playback is usable with up to 64 meg ram. The only complaints I do have with it are that it only has 24 voices, and when all these voices are being used, the sequencer and other display functions become bogged down in a big way. Also, one generallty anticipates a disk drive to be slow, but the disk drive on this thing redefines the meaning. It took me over 20 minutes to load a 300k file. These issues really are minor considering the POWER this synth leaves at your fingertips. Having been a hardcore user of Roland and Ensoniq synthesizers exclusively for years, I can say this synthesizer was worth checking out. Its sound is truly unique!

Comments About the Sounds:
Excellent sounds. There are so many, and they are so good, it took me DAYS to give them all a listen!

(Thanks to Dirge for this info.)

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