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Chris De Almeida writes:


K2600 - 76-note semi-weighted piano-style keyboard K2600X - 88-note fully-weighted piano-style keyboard. Power Supply: User switchable international power supply.

Architecture: Proprietary V.A.S.T. system.

Polyphony: 48 voices.

Display: 64 x 240 fluorescent backlit display.

Analog I/O: 8 balanced audio outs plus mix stereo pair (can also be used as unbalanced). 600-ohm stereo headphone out.

With SMP-2X sampling option: Stereo 1/4 in. unbalanced analog hi-Z input (tip/ring/sleeve); two balanced lo-Z (XLR) inputs. Digital I/O:

With SMP-2X: 2 channels AES/EBU, SPDIF (via Optical and RCA) inputs and outputs. With Digital Input/Output Option: 8 channels of input and output via KDS ports. Sample RAM: Up to 128 MB via non-composite 72 pin SIMMs.

Sound ROM: Up to 44 MB; 12 MB base ROM plus additional 8 MB Orchestral ROM, 8 MB Contemporary ROM and 2 more 8 MB blocks to be released in the future.

Sequence/Program RAM: 486KB user-programmable battery-backed RAM, expandable to 1.5 MB via PRAM upgrade kit.

SCSI support: Two SCSI-1 25-pin connectors.

Software Upgrades: User-installed upgrades via 3.5 in. DOS-compatible diskette or SCSI. Software available for download from this web site. DOS compatibility required.

AFMS File System: User-friendly cataloging and retrieval of individual objects. Powerful utilities including: file search, info about media/available space, disk macros, startup file applications, and more.

KB3 Drawbar Mode: Allows blending of nine harmonics per voice in real-time (full polyphony maintained at all times). KB3 Mode allows realistic tone wheel organ emulations and innovative, dynamic new timbres.

Live Mode: Process any incoming signal via the optional analog or digital inputs with powerful V.A.S.T. synthesis functions and built in KDFX capabilities.

Sample Processing DSP: DSP functions include time compression/expansion, pitch shifting, re-sampling, pasting samples on beats-per-minute timeline (Mix Beat), volume ramps, mix sample, and many other functions. Sample Processing DSP is standard on all K2600 units.

Sequencer: Full-function sequencer with 16 song and 16 arrangement tracks. Offers pattern, linear, and step recording, Cut, Copy, Paste, advanced 'groove' quantizing, event list editing and other powerful editing tools. Sequences can be triggered in real time from the keyboard.

Compatibility: Reads/writes Standard MIDI Files, AIFF and WAVE files. Reads libraries in Roland 700 series, Akai S900, S950, S1000, S1100, and S3000, and Ensoniq EPS, and ASR file formats.

Options include:

SMP-2X Advanced Sampling Option with Digital I/O, Optical I/O, and Sample-while-play. DSP functions include time compression/expansion, pitch shifting, re-sampling, pasting samples on a beats per minute time line (Mix Beat), volume ramps, mix sample and many other functions. DIO-26 Digital Input/Output Option adds the ability to input and output eight channels of digital audio to/from the K2600. All incoming audio can then be routed through V.A.S.T. and KDFX processing. DMTi Digital MultiTrack interface performs real-time digital data format conversion between K2600, AES/EBU, SPDIF, ADAT and DA-88. It simultaneously performs real-time sample-rate conversion to 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz or a variety of external clock rates. Contemporary ROM, Orchestral ROM Soundblocks add additional ROM samples, along with new preset programs and setups PRAM-26 Program RAM Memory Expansion increases the amount of battery backed RAM from 486k to 1503k.

(Thanks to Chris De Almeida for this info.)
and Noh, Byung-Guk for the pic

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