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  K1000 At a Glance
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Brent Haeseker writes:
This has been my master keyboard since 1989. It's cool how the MIDI is set up-being able to change the midi channel from the front panel. It can also receive on all 16 midi channels at the same time! Now that's multi-timbral! A great tool for songwriting when hooked up to my Akai ASQ10 sequencer as it has a great (if also overused) piano sound. However, it has no aftertouch (then again, neither does a piano). Also, it's buttons and display are tiny and imposible to see on stage. Programming? Egad! This thing's a bitch! This thing and the DX7 is what finally sent keyboard players running back to there friendly knob happy analogs.

Comments About the Sounds:
Great acoustic instrument sounds. Assign leslie effect to mod wheel for changing rotating speaker speed while playing. Classic piano and strings sounds-you've heard them everywhere. Don't expect good non acoustic sounds.

(Thanks to Brent Haeseker for this info.)
and Nilo Oliveira dos Santos for the pic

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