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  PC2R At a Glance
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Elmokeys writes:
The PC2R is the best module for sweet, realistic, rich sounds, bar none. It is not the easiest operating system to work with and synthesis parameters are a bit limited but it destroys the competition at realistic sounds right out of the box. The orchestral expansion sounds are gorgeous and the paino is responsive and wonderful. The KB3 organ modeller is also outstanding. I have tried every other brand(Yamaha, Roland, Korg, E-mu and Alesis)and none are as realisitc. However, if you want to synthesize this is NOT the box for you. For meat and potatoes sounds, it cannot be beaten at all.

Comments About the Sounds:
Outstanding imitative sounds, best Rompler in a box

(Thanks to Elmokeys for this info.)
and Thank you! for the pic

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