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Anonymous ( ) writes:
Where shall I begin? Imagine an X3 with a 'Killer' (from SOS) sequencer section. 'Instant' songs...ok, you thought when you read about the i3...'home-organ...'bleagh'...yes, it has the same type of auto-accompaniment as eg a Technics/Hohner etc, BUT did you get a demo in a shop yet??? Couple the Korg sound set to an Ultra-fast chord changing backing that does it intelligently - all chord types supported and it smoothly changes (wuth the right notes) between each one - you only have to get the chord timing right to about a quaver for this, and the drum changing in each fill/variation can be pressed at any time and it will wait for the right momemt to change!!! For live use, this is incredible. I invite a guitarist friend to my home and in 2 hours we have a finished track practised and mastered to DAT. So? What are it's disadvantages? The sound set. Korg got lazy. If they had updated the sound chipset to a Roland JV-1080 type...this keyboard would have become a classic. As it is, buy ONLY if you have other modules and use it as an instant jam or live gig machine. I have a Wavestation and a D4 drum module - it used to take me 8-10 hours with a friends PC what I can do with the i3/WS/D4 in 2-3 hours. If you are a busy person, but loves to make music, this is great. With the PC I lost touch eith the 'feel' of the music as you had to stop playing and eg correct things, shuttle forwards etc. With the i3 you can do this on the fly, as the music is playing, get into it and I certainly make better grooves now. the sequencer is difficult to get into, but as usual now that I have found the keycuts, it is quick and intuitive. A quick summary...what are the main buttons? Arrangements (organise a style eg Blues with the instruments/drums you want). Edit style (program individual sequences and assign them to the 'on the fly' eg variation buttons). Program (the 256 patches with individual effects on each). Edit program (delve into the 340 multisounds/2 oscillators). Backing Sequences (use an arrangement and record the 'on the fly' button pushes for editing/recall later, also have another 8 external tracks for your other modules over midi to go with your Arrangement play). Global...the usual master functions (pitch bend/master tune etc). NB you can buy a large foot pedal arrangement to control. the 'on the fly' functions with your feet :). Sequencer - the usual 16 track Midi sequencer with all loop/quantise/controller data/sysex functions to be expected. Disk drive - take complete snapshot of whole synth setup. also a datafiler :) only DD 720k though - another oversight by Korg. NB Sequences and Backing sequences are LOST on power down if you don't save to disk! Incredible business - i would have gladly paid for the extra flashram if it was incorporated, it is so easy at the end of a heavy jam to forget to save - are Korg people oblivious to human forgetfulness??? So, if you want an investment instead of a PC, buy it. I paid 1400 UK pounds for mine when the rate was about 2000 pounds...why? I said the sound source was crap (as it is for a synth of this much money) and they can't shift them :) They even threw in a full flightcase :) Why can't they shift them? I have no idea! It has revitalised my whole music hobby in one productive jump. Just get a'll see - overlook the 'waltz' type styles, just think what it can do for your own styles... Imagine a techno bass with a country a western style using a 'power' drum kit at 150 bpm. Incredible...

Comments About the Sounds:
X3 soundset, should have been better for a synth of this calibre.

and Yohay Bloom for the pic

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