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Sonic Monkey () writes:
X50 OverviewTwo master effects, a stereo 3-band master EQ and one stereo insert effect are available, using 89 different effect types. Effects parameters can be modulated in real time, with many effects that can sync to MIDI clock.For live performance and songwriting, the X50 offers dual polyphonic arpeggiators that feature easy-to-use, one-touch functionality. In addition to five basic preset arpeggio patterns, the X50 also provides 251 patterns covering everything from simple riffs to complex polyphonic phrases and drum grooves. For expressive control over the sounds, effects and arp patterns the X50 offers a variety of real-time controllers - two switches, four knobs, plus pitch bend and mod wheels (all assignable).An intuitive Korg interface makes sound selection quick and easy. Sounds are organized into 16 categories, and users can select the desired Programs and Combinations via a dedicated Category key. A convenient Audition button allows the user to preview Programs using a selection of musically appropriate riffs. Korg's proprietary ClickPoint cursor system and a backlit LCD display further enhance navigation functions.The X50 also offers integral USB MIDI functionality, for easy connection to computer-based systems. A powerful Multi Mode allows the X50 to be played from an external sequencer as a 16-part multi-timbral sound module. The included stand alone/plug-in editor software makes it easy to create and organize sounds from a computer (VST, AU and RTAS formats are supported), even from within the user's DAW or sequencer application. In a first for its class, the X50 features individual outputs, allowing sounds of specific parts to be sent from separate outputs independent of other parts - useful in a variety of recording scenarios.

(Thanks to Sonic Monkey for this info.)

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