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  Triton LE At a Glance
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Don (Don) writes:
The Triton Le is basically a Triton, without the ability to add expansion cards. Other differences are: no ribbon controller, sampling is an add on option (albeit cheap: $200.), and only one insert effect instead of 5 like its big brother. The smallest difference, but may be big to others, is they left off the touch screen, which personally, I prefer. I don't like touch screens, and the layout of this unit is very easy to get around on, especially if you're familiar with Korgs from the T series on.

All the Triton sounds are here, and with improved ac. piano and other patches. Same effects, same sequencer, same dual arppegiators. Same unit, just scaled down. The keyboard feel is a bit lighter than the Triton, but it's fine. Some will complain that it's cheap, but if you're able to adapt your playing to different keyboards quickly (as anyone who plays piano, organ, synth, el. piano, etc. ought to be able to do), you will have no problems with it. Playing acoustic piano from it is a little odd, but if you're a piano player, you'll most certainly have an 88 key weighted controller of some kind to trigger it with. I noticed Herbie Hancock's main stage controller is the Korg Karma these days, which has the same keyboard. Doesn't seem to bother him.

If you've been wanting a Triton for it's sounds and power, but felt the price was way over what it was worth (as I have), this is the unit for you. I'm extremely happy with it. I'll be adding on the sampling option next week, and be able to use all it's capabilities. It is pretty powerful, and the more you dig into it, the more you start to love it's ease of use, sounds, and overall feel. It's beginning to feel like a real instrument to me. The Le has replaced a Korg T3, TR-Rack, and X5DR in my rig. Not bad.

Added bonus: They've brought back the cool brushed silver aluminum from the Trinity for the main part of the casing. Better looking by far. Only the ends are made of that cheap, scratchy plastic the Tritons are made of.

Another added bonus: It only weighs 16 pounds!

(Thanks to Don for this info.)
and Scott for the pic

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