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Scott Barton writes:
Well, I've had my Triton for 8 months, so I figure it's time I gave my opinion. First of all, the sounds, which is probably the main reason to buy any instrument. I know some other reviewers have complained about the factory presets, especially for certain genres, but I've found that there is a nice cross-section of different styles, and I've found them very useful in performance.

Sounds that I've found useful have included the organs (I'm very picky about these, I'm a Hammond player), the much-maligned pianos, and the strings, brass, and woodwinds.

I've been performing live with my Triton since I bought it, and it seems sturdy enough. Still, do what I did and buy a hard case. When you're spending this much on a piece of equipment, you can't protect it enough.

I've not used the sequencer yet (I use Cakewalk at home), so I can't really say anything good or bad about it. Often I record things into ACID, so the available effects processors hasn't been a problem. If you're using your Triton at home, seriously look into some sort of multi-track recording software. You'll be able to use as many programs or combinations as you like, without worrying about fx or polyphony.

I added the MOSS board a few months ago, and that thing is KILLER! Even without getting into the non-analog type oscillators, it's kind of like a cross between a Prophet 5 and a Memorymoog; the sub-oscillator is more like the main osc on many synths, and the two main ones have a lot of features, like simultaneously available multiple waveforms and waveshaping that you usually only see on modular synths.

Other oscillator types include Ring Modulation, VPM (a type of FM), Cross Modulation, Comb Filter, Resonance, Sync, Organ (3 drawbars), Electric Piano, Brass, Reed, Plucked String, and Bowed String. The last four are 'double-size', meaning you only have one osc available. All the rest are 'single-size', you can use any two of them. The sub-oscillator is always available, as is the noise generator .

Two multi-mode filters are very analog-sounding, and the noise generator has its own filter. There are also two mixers, four lfos with 18 waveforms, five envelope generators, and all the fx and controllers the Triton normally has.

All in all, it's a very professional piece of equipment, and easily the best purchase I've made in years

Comments About the Sounds:
Trinity sounds with greater and warmer output

(Thanks to Scott Barton for this info.)
and for the pic

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