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  SB-100 Synthe Bass At a Glance
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Texas Noise Factory ( writes:
So I got this thing offa ebay on a whim, And I think I got a pretty good deal for a player's keyboard. So, as far as I can find, this thing was built in 1975. Around the time of the Mini and Maxi Korgs. It's got the "traveller" (filter cutoff), and the same design knob as on my Korg Mr. Multi Phaser pedal. I guess that pretty much dates it. It's got 5 waveform choices a huge Sine, a buzzy Square, Fat Triangle, More buzzy Square, and then a Phaser setting? The Phaser setting makes a sound that is familiar of my Moog Prodigy in sync mode when I work the mod wheel. (when I move the traveller it makes "that vowely sound" )

I ran it through a Mesa Boogie V Twin Preamp. It's got enough envelope filter to make it fart authoritavely!! The Sine waveform on it is just huge. I can't wait to make some cool dub and DnB basslines with it. I guess being built into a case helps keep it in good shape... I looks puny beside my -not too big at all- Micromoog. It looks like Novation had one of these available when they originally made the Bass Station. very small and light. Great bass tones. A keeper for a player's bass synth.

Comments About the Sounds:
Analog bass sounds. That's about it. Good ones though.

(Thanks to Texas Noise Factory for this info.)
and thanks to... for the pic

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