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  SQ10 Sequencer At a Glance
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Rom1 writes:
Very good cheap analog sequencer, easy to use, easy to real-time knob turn....

Nick@sonic I'd never used an analog sequencer B4- it had always been midi for me. Basically this sequencer is a twelve step. It has three independent channels each with a knob. So er, that's 36 in all. Each knob outputs a control voltage which you can patch to oscillators, filters or whatever. I still haven't figured out everything you can do with it, and that's just fine with me. Many an hour spent fiddling about with knobs is a good thing as far as I'm concerned!I don't know whether the CV outs are compatible with Roland stuff as I've only managed to patch it up with the MS20 and a Yamaha CS15 - the oscillator scaling is a bit wierd on the Yamaha but what the hell- if I wanted perfectness I'd use midi.I've never seen one before so don't know if you'll ever see one for sale but if you do - I'd snap it up as it's gotta be an investment.I know what I want for Xmas - a lab coat and a clipboard please!.

Comments About the Sounds:
No soundz, it's a sequencer !!!

(Thanks to Rom1 for this info.)
and nick@sonic for the pic

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