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Andrew Toews ( writes:
This is a drum box that sounds absolute shite; unless it's free don't take it. It will send a trigger with the rim shot; or maybe it just sends tempo data (no BPM either; just a slow-->fast knob!!) I only used it to control the speed of my MonoPoly arpeggiator. You can't make your own patterns, there are something like 100 presets though. You also can't tweak the sounds at all (you can adjust each instrument's volume though.) It has a swing feature that always swings on the WRONG beat; it's totally useless unless you like dumb beats. sounds are:

-kik -snare -hats -ride (is it a ride? or a breaking plate?) -3 toms (only used on `1 or two patterns) -congas -rim shot -cowbell.

keep in mind i am only guessing; the sounds all suck so bad i can't really make out which are which (really!!) why the hell would ANY company wast time and resources putting out such a shit product? well i think korg's forte is NOT in drums (i may be wrong...i haven't heard any newer stuff) and they should stick to synths.

Comments About the Sounds:
They are all horrible. The kick is like a click and way too quiet, snare is annoying, well, ditto for all the sounds. it sounds like a kid's toy, if that good. i'm not sure what type of synthesis it uses; i'm inclined to think analog 'cause it's old but they sound like about 4 bit pcm samples...

(Thanks to Andrew Toews for this info.)

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