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Dave Meyer ( writes:

Patrick D. Rosenbalm ( The good points. It has great sound. If you need a piano only module to go with what ever you are using to free up notes or performance this will work good and the price for a used one is great too. It is multi timbral too. You can layer split, and detune , in any order, the two sounds it comes with and add more sounds if you can find the ROM cards. The bad points. The ROM cards are damn near impossible to find, I tried hard, and Korg doesn't make them any more. The unit is table top and not rack mountable. It uses a "wall wart". Misc. As far as how many bits it is,(8,12,16), and how many meg of ROM it uses, I don't know. I have the manual and it doesn't say. If you get one you will like it.

Comments About the Sounds:
lDave Meyer Less than average. This is a piano module with two factory presets and a card slot to download more. Only the most basic parameters can be toyed with (that I know of): detune, octave shift, etc. I presently don't have a manual for it, so I would appreciate any comments anyone else has. Thanx

(Thanks to Dave Meyer for this info.)

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