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Jonathan El-Bizri writes:
This is a PCI card, with an ADAT and Stereo balanced I/O, but I think it belongs in the Synth section as well, since the biggest thing it brings to the table - on top of ultra low latency and >really< clean sweet analog I/O (I a/b'ed them, and they really stand up with outboard gear) - is the synth and effects section. It is literaly a synth in your PC.

I bought this for over a grand, (it was retailing to $2k+ at the time, but I knew a supplier) and it was a steal. At five hundred bucks (I believe only guitar center has this incredible price), and card/synth of this nature is a must have. I'd recomend it to anyone - whether it's the first piece of musical gear you own, or part of a massive setup.

Being able to edit everything on you computer, and use the DSP for effects is awesome.

Comments About the Sounds:
Luscious, luscious... The sequences and 'beat boxes' are somewhat whack, but >sounds< are very good... That's what you're buying it for, right?

(Thanks to Jonathan El-Bizri for this info.)
and Thnx To D-HERO for the pic

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