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Sonic Monkey () writes:
NC300Clear and Natural Piano Sound The beautiful piano sound of the NC-300 is derived from stereo digital recordings taken directly from a concert grand piano. The sound is clear and well defined. From the initial strike of the key to the natural resonance as the sound decays, the piano sounds have been sampled lavishly and carefully to faithfully capture the depth and tone of the original instrument. The full dynamic range is preserved, from the delicate crispness of softly played notes, to the rich full character of sustained tones. The Feel of a Grand Piano The NC-300 uses our top-of-the-line Real Weighted Hammer Action 2 (RH2) keyboard. Just as on a grand piano, the key resistance varies across the length of the keyboard, with heavier action in the low register and lighter action as you play toward the upper register. Key touch control lets you select how your playing touch will be translated into the dynamics of the sound. You can choose from light, normal, and heavy response to match your playing style, the character of the piece you are playing, or the nature of the selected sound. Twenty-four Sounds in All, Including Eleven Pianos The eleven built-in piano sounds range from a beautifully spacious stereo-sampled concert grand to a variety of other pianos suitable for different genres or for ensemble playing. In addition, there are thirteen sounds from other categories, including organ, harpsichord, vibraphone, strings, choir, giving you a total of twenty-four built-in sounds, all instantly available using the front panel switches. Layer mode lets you play two sounds together, as well as adjust the volume balance between them. Pedal Unit Included All of the pedals of a grand piano - damper, soft, and sostenuto - are provided, a necessity for truly expressive piano performances. The three piano-style pedals are housed in an attractive unit that matches the piano's finish and style. Half-pedaling effects are also supported. Built-in Effects Reverb and chorus ca

(Thanks to Sonic Monkey for this info.)

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