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Anonymous () writes:
Korgs first forray into the software world, so far appears to have been pretty successful - at time of writing, the legacy collection was back ordered and review units were scarce.

The Legacy Collection comprises of emulations of Korgs most requested models - the legendary MS-20 semi modular, Polysix polysynth and the much rated Wavestation. The synths are modeled using CMT (Component Modeling Technology) where the discrete electronic components are made in software and then combined to make an instrument this is a method being adopted by many manufacturers for really hot modeling, altghough as you can imagine, it means you'll need to have a decent amount of computer grunt to run multiple instances.

The real clincher for many has been the inclusion of a scale MS-20 MIDI controller complete with mini patchchords. It really is very cute, if a little over the top. So far, the general vibe has been good, with high praise for the modelling, which is no mean acheivment as Korg don't have a track record in the software world.

Obviously, the fact that the synths have been modeled in software means that various improvements have been made over the originals - namely polyphony and memories for the MS-20, clearer programming interface for the Wavestation and more besides. A suite of templates for the microKontrol MIDI controller also make it much more usable than your average plug-ins.

Instruments can be combined into a Legacy Cell in various configurations of instruments, plus master FX plugins.

Comments About the Sounds:
The sounds are pretty close to the original machines (MS-20, Polysix, Wavestation). So much so, that if you talk to some (ok mainly Korg people) some users have ditched their originals in favour of these new software recreations

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