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Crystaline writes:
About the Kaossilator Pro, first attempt is frustrating! But later on, it works for me..the looper, No UNDO, etc..the limitation, fit my working style, lol..and it sounds great! What I really like about it, is the simplicity, primitive style of layer by layer recording, realtime pattern switching to make a song. Also there are some useful fx, like the filter, grainshifter, nice (but not too intelligent) vocoder with several variations like decimator, pitch, grain, etc and tape delay simulation. I might get the KP3 one day, but meanwhile I can survive with those fx in the KO-Pro.

What I like about the KO-Pro and Monotron pair is, while the KO-Pro has a surprisingly complete audio range (good enough low, meaty enough mid and clear high), the little puppy providing the dirt, raw and punchy material I can''t get from the KO-Pro. Even though the KO-Pro filter is suprisingly good!

This is the first time I enjoy making music so spontaneous that even sometime I forgot about note and scale :O) just tap and touch whatever feels right and go. The pad is not multi touch, but sensitive enough for my purpose. But the mono touch is not ideal in playing fast drumming. I like how everything feel, from the pads, knobs, switches, sliders. Build sturdy enough for the price. The pattern and sound pads feels a bit toyish, but I like it.

The input quality through mic or rca are good, as well as the output. But I bought several good quality cables for the project. Saving process takes time a bit, but reasonable. I still can''t get the editor working :O) but I did''t care, because I use different SD card for different project and didn''t load any samples from the PC either. But we can save the whole project, directly from the SD card to the PC. I''m using a standard SD card adapter.

Comments About the Sounds:
Great sounds, perfect tool for strange noises. Good filter and low frequency.

(Thanks to Crystaline for this info.)

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