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Leviathant ( writes:
This is the sort of box I've been waiting for. Hell if I'll pay $1000 for a 909, and in that same vein I can't afford a Jomox XBase-09, so this thing comes along, chops the price in half, still manages to look cool, and it even has a silver bass-synth brother to go along with it. Very cool. Still, I want to hear one straight out of the headphone jack before I'm totally convinced. :)

Comments About the Sounds:
Is this in fact an analogue modelled 909? Well, judging by the RA file on the Japanese Korg site ( I'd have to say 'even better'. Thumping, punchy bass drums, what sounds like the 909 hihats (though that could have been fed into the input), and that classic x0x-style sequencer plus knobs for realtime mucking up the sound allows this thing to do something similar to a 909 and yet go beyond it sonically. I'm waiting for the local music shop to get one in so I can get a more solid listen before I go ahead and buy one, but I think I'm hooked already.

(Thanks to Leviathant for this info.)

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