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Thomas R Kolb writes:
The DSS-1 is one huge and powerful machine, featuring both conventional digital subtractive synthesis, harmonic synthesis and sampling for its sound source. There is even a possibility to actually "draw" your waveform with a data slider.

Once the waveforms have been created, there is a vast number of parameters to be set to tailor each sound to your liking. Onto top of it all the dual digital delay section and the great "unison" feature makes it possible to create some real big and impressive noises.

Unfortunately the usage of this machine is all but user-friendly and the teensy LCD display - although backlit - does little to help. All this, combined with a S-L-O-W disk drive, probably makes the owner shy away from programming this machine and instead resort to the few - and mostly lousy - factory disks.

It's a pity, because with some careful effort, the machine can be made into one of the cruellest sounding beasts I've ever heard so far - and I've tried a lot of synths, believe me.

Comments About the Sounds:
Sampling quality is poor - not nearly as clean as e g Akai S-900 (which is using similar technology).

(Thanks to Thomas R Kolb for this info.)

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