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  DDD-1 At a Glance
Click for larger view arrowReleased: 1987  Specifications
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Anonymous writes:
Korgs flagship machine from the 80's and as such, sounds that way. Sadly, not become popularised through hip hop or other genres. Maybe a fututre classic? Then again, maybe not..

Comments About the Sounds:
Some of the sounds are kind of low-res, but some are pretty good for 1987.

and DJ72273 for the pic

Links for the Korg DDD-1
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Bollich's DDD-1 Information on my Korg DDD-1 Drummachine incl. some pics
Manual for the Korg DDD1 in .pdf and then in .rar 6-part file
Korg DDD1 manual page
Finnally a link that works for the manual :) Sorry guys, the other links won't work. Hope i dddidn't make to much confusion...

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