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  01/WFD Synthesizer At a Glance
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Chad Douglas ( writes:
This is my second synth, my first synth was a Casio CZ-5000 . I bought the 01/W in 1993, not knowing a damn thing about syntheziers. A friend of mine had one, and the sounds were incredible! I had to have one.

Nowadays, I've found after experience and learning how to use it to its capability, its most prized asset is its sequencer. Great for songwriting. It's large enough and powerful enough to handle writing large pieces of music up to 10 minutes long (I wrote an 11 minute song on it), without the need for an external sequencer. There's also enough patches in memory that the sonic possibilites are endless. A wide variety of sounds and textures. And if you get bored with all the sounds, then create new ones! The disk drive makes it handy to create new program banks, and whole new batches of sounds, and you'll have a new palette to work with.

It's built like a tank. The display makes it easy to edit programs, sequences, etc.... Overall, it's a gem. After it being around for 6 years, it can still hold its own. It's not state-of-art anymore, but it's still industry-standard.

I agree with the other reviews, if you can't afford a Trinity (on my wish list!), get an O1/W. You can't go wrong....

Comments About the Sounds:
Although some of the guitar samples are a little thin, the rest of the keyboard's sounds are very cool. The waveshaping utility makes for some interesting results if you experiment.

(Thanks to Chad Douglas for this info.)

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