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Mickey writes:
I bought my 01/W in 1993. I chose the version without FD because I think itís easier to use a PC with MIDI interface for editing and sequencing operations. Moreover I gain 0.5 Kg for carriage, and some money (it costs less!). In 01/W you can find for the first time the famous AIŠ synthesis system.

As to precedent AI, number and length of internal multisounds are increased and for the first time Korg introduces the wave shaping function. Once the greatest limit of the synthesis based on PCM samples was that the final program sounded almost the same as the starting sample. Now the wave shaping function enables to modify and add new armonics to the internal samples, obtaining results unreacheable using conventional filters only. A friend of mine says that the 01/W does nothing excellent but does everything. In my opinion this is already a very good base to start with. And itís not all. I normally use 01/W in many different situations (live shows and recording studios) and according to different kinds of music where professional quality is required. It always covers without troubles all my needs. The sounds are always powerful and quite clean in every rating. Moreover itís built like a tank (13.4 Kg), never had electronic breakdowns (I even played it under the snow!) and it has very good keys to be a 61. I believe that if I throw it out of the window someone could still be able to play it down on the street without any troubles.

However, like any other synthesizer, 01/W has its own limits: the PCM for acoustic piano is not the best (but if you need a cool one try XSC-3S PCM card), the samples for organs and brass could be better and some other sample sounds sometimes too compressed. Besides if you need to work in SMF be sure that your 01/W has a ROM version #62 (or higher). Otherwise you should upgrade it by installing the VUK 01W kit. If you donít have any experience of this kind of things, donít try to do it by yourself! Ask your dealer for details.!

If you want to determine the ROM version of your 01/W hold RESET button during turning POWER ON (IMPORTANT: you will lose all contents of RAM, so save BEFORE doing it). Last but not least, 01/Wís functions are very logically laid out and the display seems to be a television tool. These features make it very friendly to use. Iím sure that no 01/Wís holder has ever read his ownerís manual, a huge success if you prefer to waste your time playing!

Comments About the Sounds:
The sound are generally very cool. Need more brass and organ samples

(Thanks to Mickey for this info.)

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