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  Q80EXE Midi Sequencer At a Glance
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Adam Jay writes:
same as the Q80 and Q80 EX really.. with the EX they doubled the memory to 5200 notes, now the EXE has expanded to 10,000 notes. its BLUE too!... Basically, Kawai has updated a great hardware sequencer. I like to think of it as an MMt8 that will never screw up on you.. The Following is what is said at the Kawai site..

<<<"The Q-80EXE is a stand-alone MIDI sequencer featuring a built-in disk drive. Using unique twin MIDI outputs, the Q-80EXE operates on up to 32 individual MIDI Channels, on 32 separate Tracks. Q-80EXE memory is over 10,000 notes and can be divided among up to ten songs. Unlike other sequencers, this memory is retained even when the power is off - or when the unit is unplugged. Ideal for performance, the Q-80EXE is compatible with all Standard MIDI formats. An entire "set" of songs can be programmed for instant access in the "Chain-Play" mode. The Q-80EXE even offers a "Storage" mode for saving Sys-Ex Files and dumps from other MIDI devices. Small and highly portable, the Q-80EXE features a bright, back-lit LCD display and a clean, efficient front panel layout. Multiple incoming MIDI Channels can be assigned to separate tracks. And, because it can read and write Standard MIDI Files, the Q-80EXEi s also an excellent alternative to a computer-based system for live performance.Real-Time, Punch-In and Step-Time recording modes are all available. The "Motif" mode is a Kawai exclusive and allows hundreds of recurring musical phrases to be stored and then entered directly into your compositions. This "Motif" mode saves valuable memory and, more importantly, can speed up the composition process. Editing data on the Q-80EXE can be done in sections or individually, down to the specific MIDI event level. The Q-80EXE supports Sync to Tape, MIDI Sync, or will run from its own internal clock. ">>>

Comments About the Sounds:

(Thanks to Adam Jay for this info.)

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