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  K5000R At a Glance
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Stephanie Sante writes:
I think this is one of the best synths ever made. The sounds its capable of are totally unique. The character can be warm and round, or biting and in your face. The amount of control you can program is is staggering. Best of all it really layers well with many other synths. The K5000R is the only choice for those of us who use Guitar Controllers and want the arpeggiator functionality. The arpeggiator is in software and can therefore be triggered from an external source (confirmed with Kawai). I also have the Knobs Macro box so that gives me the capability to tweek alot of parameters in the same way as the K5000S does. To sum it up I think this module is simply STUNNING. It really adds sparkle and shine to compositions and a different flavor. If your music leans toward other worlds and sonic mystery then this module is a MUST HAVE. I rate it 6 STARS.

Comments About the Sounds:
The Rack comes with OS ver. 3.0.. Kawai has gotten much better at programming this beast. Some of the sounds are just incredible. This is not a bread and butter synth. This is a creative machine with tons of possibilities.

(Thanks to Stephanie Sante for this info.)
and LoungeLizard for the pic

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