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Andrew Cross ( ) writes:

SUPER JV Synthesizer Module.

As you would expect, it is a monster! Featuring an incredible 64-voice polyphony and 16-part multitimbral capability, the possible applications are staggering. If that wasn't enough to overwhelm you, take a look at the unprecedented wave expansion capabilities for up to four simultaneous wave expansion boards and one wave card from the JV-Series. Immense waveforms combine with a wide array of sound structures and onboard multiple effects to make the JV-1080 the new standard in 64-voice sound modules.

The 64-voice polyphony and 16-part multitimbral capabilities are bolstered by a 32-bit RISC chip CPU. The RISC CPU provides unparalleled speed, accuracy and natural response to performance. As with all the JV Expandable Synths, the ability to augment the module is a primary feature. The JV- 1080 is expandable up to 42Mbytes.

Four SR-JV80 Series wave expansion boards, of 8Mbytes each, can be simultaneously accommodated for instant access to thousands of patches from various musical genres. The "World Expansion" board is the latest addition to the SR-JV80 line that currently includes "Pop," "Orchestra," "Piano" and "Vintage Synth." An additional SO-PCM1 Series wave card will provide another 2Mbytes of waveform data. This combined with the 8Mbytes of internal wave memory takes you to the stellar capacity of 42Mbytes.An extensive variety of built-in effects take your sounds to another level. In addition to built-in reverb and chorus, 40 insert effects are available including rotary, auto wah, time-controlled delay, two-voice pitch shifter and combination effects, not to mention the JD-990's acclaimed distortion and phase-shifting effects. Since these are accessible as insert effects, you can pick and choose which Parts will be effected.Creative potential is further enhanced by a beefed-up Tone structure.

The JV-1080 features 10 Tone structures, as opposed the six Tone structures previously available in the JD-990. With the addition of a ring modulator and a new booster function, completely new waveforms are easily created. These new functions also allow for effects similar to pulse width modulation.In addition to Stereo Mix Out outputs, there are also two pairs of stereo outputs which bypass the effects. These outputs are great for professional applications such as individual external effects processing for drum or bass Parts. The user interface is easier than ever with 40- character, two-line LCD display and ergonomically placed buttons for easy access to any needed parameter. With its 64-voice polyphony, 16-part multitimbral capability, user-friendly interface and incredible expandability, the Roland JV-1080 SUPER JV Synthesizer Module is clearly the new standard in high powered synth modules. You've never seen anything like it!

Suggested List Price: $1695.00 Projected Delivery: 10/94

The JV-1080 represents a new generation in Roland sound technology. Featuring a brand new RISC processor, it offers enhanced sonic creation potential with new programming structures and effects processing, smooth and expressive performance qualities, monstrous expandability, and yet maintains compatibility with the existing line of popular Roland JV- Series synthesizers. It builds on the JV-Series, adding 64 voice polyphony, 16 part multitimbral operation, new waveforms, and simultaneous access up to 42 Mb of data with four optional SR-JV80 Expansion Boards. These impressive sound sources combine with extensive sound structures and professional quality multi-effects, positioning the JV-1080 Super JV as the new reference standard for synthesizer sound modules. The LFOs can be synced to MIDI clock - very cool, especially for dance oriented music! Effects parameters can be controlled thru MIDI in realtime.

Effects can be routed to any output per Performance, not just the Mix outputs, for flexible mixing. Effect parameters can be copied between Patch and Performance modes for easier programming. Rx MIDI Volume and Pan switches per Tone within the Patch provides more sonic control. Velocity Mix and Crossfade per Tone for greater expression. The Waveform Booster increases the waveform's amplitude - great for basses, or for digital distortion effects.

Comments About the Sounds:
It might seem a little over the top but it is pretty outstanding. Perhaps if there is a critisism it would be that the Pianos are not that great

(Thanks to Andrew Cross for this info.)

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