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Picture needed arrowReleased: 1998  Specifications
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Michel karam writes:
What is BUZZ?

Immagine a WIN95 ModTracker + SoundArchitect + a Kasi-Cubase sequencer mixed all together in a simple, modest but VERY POWERFUL little program!!

Here is the description made by the author: "The idea is you have machines which interconnect and produce music. Machines can either generate or modify sound. Generators, simply enough, generate sound (like 303 style bass, or tracker, which is like a sample based tracker.) Effects modify the sound (like reverb, delay, flange, etc.) To create a new machine click on the View Machines button (F3), right, click on the background, and select new machine. Connect machines in your desired order and Master is the output."

Yeaaah in the machine editor, an interface that reminds me "soundarchitect", you load machines and effects and you connect them together. machines and effects are simply plugin files. But the most creative and interesting vision in this project is that among the machines you can select a tracker wich is basicaly a Modtracker yeah for those who make MODS you must be in paradise. Your mods will not only be in a real time mixing interface with all sort of effects and synth simulators but you will probably do like me: cross your fingers and hope taht BUZZ will grow and kick all the DOS trackers asses. Many coders got some interesting ideas, we seen many brilliant programs here and there but I think BUZZ is a really original, creative and innovative look on the MODS scene. I don't mean by this that BUZZ is a MOD program, not at all, the MOD tracker is just a machine option like many others. If you compare it to real gear, we can say that all the machines in the program are the synths or modules and the tracker is the sampler. So you are free to make a tune without the tracker with just bass lines and noise or vice versa: you can track a MOD entirely their and you can mix it with as many effects as you wishhhhhh. I dont know what to add, all I hope is that MOD composers like me will try this little jewel and I would like to hear any comment about this program. No way I am not the coder and I don't know him neither but I decided to talk about a program that was alwas part of my dreams and few days ago I discovered that it finally EXISTS!! My only wish is that the author will improve it and polish it until rebirth's maniacs will get jalous really jalous!!!!!

:P :P :P

Comments About the Sounds:
For me it sounds pretty good

(Thanks to Michel karam for this info.)

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