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  SX1000 At a Glance
Click for larger view arrowReleased: circa 1980  Specifications
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STEVIE writes:
It is a real shame that this mono instrument has a total lack of memory, interfacing or display because some of the sounds that you can get or really quite fat and weird. You could sample the best sounds of course but bang goes the tweeking. It's almost as if Jen put out this machine as an introduction to finding your way around analogue synths, particulaly when you see the pastel bakerlookalite pots and toytown playing keys. Still Future Sound of London a 2 so there you go.

Comments About the Sounds:
Good noise filters, quite fat bass, about 50 pots to twiddle and absolutley no memory or back up, except a polaroid snapshot of your settings!

(Thanks to STEVIE for this info.)

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