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Picture needed arrowReleased: 1997  Specifications
arrowUser rating: 2.7/5 |  Read reviews (7)
Danny Dickman writes:
This is my 3rd sound card I¥ve had and it is well worth its pice. it sound quite clean and with a max of 20 Mb has plenty of space for your stuff(unless you are a "song ripper"). It will apear as 8 difrent audio ports on your computer wich means it¥s like 8 audio cards in one + no extra CPU consumption thanx to its onboard 50 MIPS "DREAM" procesor. Shame about the Gamers 3D "my-ears-are-not-woking-as-they-shoud" effect.

Comments About the Sounds:
Good Standard sounds ,CD comes wiht other good banks + the ones you make yourself

(Thanks to Danny Dickman for this info.)

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