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  Mini-Polivoks At a Glance
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Frank Valoczy writes:
the ease of use rating there is if you can read Russian...everything on it is written in cyrillic script. Once you've gotten past that this is a pretty good little synth that can make anything from really nice, warm thick sounds to squeals that will kill a cat...the filter or this one, like on the big Polivoks, is self-oscillating. As for the name of this machine, there is no name on it only the same logo as on the Polivoks so I just call it Mini-Polivoks or Minivoks or Babyvoks...

Comments About the Sounds:
can make some really nice thick rich sounds on this machine, also some really cray sounds...remember its like the little sister of the Polivoks...

(Thanks to Frank Valoczy for this info.)

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