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  MK-361C At a Glance
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Mattz writes:
I was a little scared when I was about to buy this keyboard, since I didn´t have any prior experience with this manufacturer or this brand. But after some exhaustive research on the internet (there´s not much info because this model is a new one), I can tell with confidence that I´m very pleased with this choice. This keyboard does an excellent job as a master controller. Its full sized keys doesn´t have a "plastic" or "light" feeling found in most same price-range keyboards. The case seems durable, but I must say that I owned it only a couple of weeks. The knobs and controls (pitch bend and modulation wheels) are well constructed and respond nicely to manipulation. It has a bright blue LED display to select channels and different parameters, and that makes it perfect for a dark on-stage performance. It´s really light weighted (about 5 lbs) and can get power from an external power supply (not included) or a USB port. If you don´t have a USB free port, don´t despair, the unit comes with a special cable that can be connected to the games port on any sound card, and it grabs power from it. Configuration under Windows 2000 was a little tricky, since you have to download some new drivers and utilities from the manufacturer web site, because if you don´t, your computer may crash when you try to detect the new hardware. Once configured, it works well.

In the shop where I buyed it, the sales person (a really nice and wise guy) allowed me to test it before taking it home. He plugged it into a piano hard synth with excellent results, via normal MIDI cables.

I´ve tried it with Reason and Sonar, assigning controls and knobs to sounds, and its non-volatile memory keeps all settings even when you power off the unit.

A nice choice for a controller on this price range. Highly recommended for a computer music home studio or as a master keyboard on a rack setup.

(Thanks to Mattz for this info.)
and Nir Sullam for the pic

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