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Joel Eby ( writes:
The Ensoniq MR-61 keyboard is probably the best all-around music workstation instrument of its class I've ever played. Although the concept is really not as inventive as something like a Korg Trinity, its innovation is incredible. It has an enormous sound bank and is immediately useful to session players who need quick access to a perfect sound. The second generation of Ensoniq's unique "Transwaves" is put into play in the keyboard, creating awesome effects for sounds like I've never heard before. As a composing tool, Ensoniq put alot of effort into making and instrument that really helps the music-creation process. Sequencing is really easy, as is most of the features on the MR, and most of the sounds are among the best I've ever heard. A lot of the drawbar ograns have awesome rotary speaker effects, using aftertouch; sending aftertouch once increases rotation speed, and sending more decreases. Drum machine is a great addition, and a lot of the rhythms are really natural and easy to play with. All around, the MR is probably my favorite higher-end keyboard. (Also comes in a 76-weighted key version)

Comments About the Sounds:
Generation 2 "Transwaves" are awesome. Many are "moving" and lifelike. Overall the best sounding synth (and most fun) I've ever played. Splits and layers are easy. Using wave expansion is great for loading .wav samples, extremely useful.

(Thanks to Joel Eby for this info.)

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trigger device for mr 61 looking to use the mr 61 for sounds in a live band , need to know how to access the sounds through a device we can either press with our foot or etc. etc.

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