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Anonymous writes:
The true "affordable" workstation. Introduced in 1985 at a "low" price of $7995. It bridged the gap between the $60,000 Fairlight and Synclavier and the $1695 Mirage. It featured plenty of sample memory, an 8-track sequencer, and analog filtering. It was extremely popular with many artists are has some classic sample such as the Emulator voices, sakuhachi, grand piano, and the orchestra tune. With the plus and hard drive option, the Emulator-II turns into a pretty powerfulk workstation comparable to unit released 5 years later. Sound quality was state of the art at the time but is now considered low-quality. It is 8-bit but due to some engineering at E-mu, it supposed to sound 14-bit. I think it sounds great with a classic grungier sound. I'll never sell it, my library is too huge and it makes a decent MIDI controller.

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