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SP1200 Kings writes:
This is basically the Drumulator with samplings option or a mini SP1200. It was supposed to be called the Drumulator II, but they changed it to SP12. They look almost identical to the SP1200. It¥s got 24 onboard samples in ram, and you can sample another 8 yourself which can allocate the total time of 1.2 sec (unexpanded) up to 7 sec (with the turbo expansion). Later EMU revamped the machine, got rid of the onboard samples, put in a 3.5" built in floppy and upgraded the memory (32 samples, total 10 sec). Voila; EMU SP1200.

Comments About the Sounds:
Very lo-fi ish. Great for House!

(Thanks to SP1200 Kings for this info.)
and Steve Loar for the pic

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