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Jacques Morel ( writes:
If you are searching for a quick way to get TR-808/909 samples and TB-303 basses, plus some acoustic drums and nice triggering option for live concerts, this is the box. It's simple to use, very well thought of and made for quality usage. It's not that flexible but has the base so you can implement good soft percussive sounds as well as bashing snares and low pitched bass drums. There's a very large number of samples in there. Drum Kits are not neglected, with it's 128 setups of 24 percussions each! The big problem here is that from those 24 percussions, 8 are user defineable. So that leaves 8*128 user definable sounds, which is not that bad after all!!! The price is right and the name is there, it just needs your setup to complete it!!

Comments About the Sounds:
Very nice and varied. It goes from Acoustic to very dance percussions. You also find good basses and some useful TB-303 samples... There's just one thing, no CUTOFF frequency... Too much crap is from the PROTEUS box, which I find totally unflexible for sound creativity.

(Thanks to Jacques Morel for this info.)
and casper clausen for the pic

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